Sandra LaMorgese Changed Her Life At 60 With Alternate Health And Fitness Choices

Sandra LaMorgese, at the age of 61, decided to change her life.

By Namita Nayyar (WF Team) Women Fitness Magazine
 After 55, she published 2 books, became a featured international HuffPost blogger, a writer for Arianna Huffington​’s Health and Wellness platform Thrive Global and became one of the TOP 10 sought after writers on Medium, but she knew […]

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How To Improve Your Relationship With Social Media

If you’re a business owner with an online presence in 2018, there’s no escaping social media. For people (like me) whose livelihoods depend on online advertising, outreach, and networking, the pressure to be constantly active on social media can feel like a crushing, relentless weight. Unlike our non-business-owning friends and family, we can’t afford […]

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4 Reasons Why All Breasts in Sports Bras Matter

In 2017, I made fitness one of my top life priorities. It wasn’t a New Year’s resolution—it was a new life resolution. I decided to take control of my health, and that meant making time to eat well, exercise, and invest in the tools that I needed to succeed, and one of the first […]

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Finding The Healing Powers Of Hope

Emily Dickinson described it as “the thing with feathers that perches in the soul and sings the tune without the words that never stops at all.” Maya Angelou compared it to moons, suns, the “certainty of the tides,” and her own rise to empowerment. Every religion in the world cherishes it at the heart of every doctrine, tenet, […]

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How To Seek (and Actually Take) Good Advice

It’s one thing to ask for advice, but it’s a totally different endeavor to take someone’s advice to heart.

When I want to make a change, whether personal or professional, I like to look for a “hero” in whose footsteps I can follow. I do my research (or look around in my own life) to […]

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At Age 61 My ‘Greys’ Taught Me A Lesson About Accepting Change

Accepting change is often painful. Unfortunately, many people who face personal, social, or professional changes react by attempting to control the situation, digging in their heels and trying, against all odds, to keep the people, places, and things around them from changing at all. Far from stopping change, however, this impulse to control only […]

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