How Sexual Energy Helps Arouse Our Creative Genius

Five years ago, I stumbled into a new way of life on the wave of a force so strong that it was impossible for me to ignore. I discovered a whole new pathway to my creative genius and energy—while sexting.

My transformation started in January 2010. I was sitting at my desk and feeling very […]

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How Nude Yoga Enlightened Me

One question haunted me for days leading up to my first nude yoga class. At work, as I ran errands, and as I fell asleep at night, this one absolutely crucial question bounced endlessly around inside my head…

Do I put my yoga mat at the front of the class, or at the back of […]

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How Going to a Nude Beach at 59 Years Old Empowered Me

“I’m 59 years old—I am not going to a nude beach.”Two of my close friends had been asking me to come with them to their favorite nude beach for months, and each time they asked, I gave them this same answer.

I had never been to a nude beach before, and I was happy to […]

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The Health Benefits of Kissing by Sandra LaMorgese PhD

There’s nothing more sensual than a deep, passionate kiss, one that unhinges your knees and takes your breath away. It’s more intimate than sex. A bad kiss however can have the opposite effect, leaving you with a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. We put a lot of stock in kissing. A […]

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Happiness and Sexual Intimacy: by Sandra LaMorgese PhD

Sometimes when we are in a relationship, especially a long-term relationship we get comfortable and fall into a routine. Nowhere is this more common than in our sex life. Instead of delving deeper into each other’s wants, needs, interests, turn-ons and offs and deep desires, we fall into a pattern and stick with it. […]

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