How To Seek (and Actually Take) Good Advice

It’s one thing to ask for advice, but it’s a totally different endeavor to take someone’s advice to heart.

When I want to make a change, whether personal or professional, I like to look for a “hero” in whose footsteps I can follow. I do my research (or look around in my own life) to […]

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Creating Unabashed, Unadulterated Sex At Any Age

Sometimes when we are in a relationship—especially a long-term relationship—we get comfortable and fall into a routine. Nowhere is this more common than in our sex lives. Instead of delving deeper into each other’s wants, needs, interests, turn-ons and –offs, and deep desires, we fall into a pattern and stick with it, even when […]

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Sex Education Really Doesn’t Begin Or End In High School

Whenever we hear “sex education,” most people imagine a high school health class teacher outlining the basics: monthly periods, the human development cycle, birth control, and maybe an uncomfortable informational film. However, the topics in these classes barely skim the surface of the depth and breadth of our human sexuality.

For each individual, sexuality is […]

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The Health Benefits of Masturbation

“Don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love.” -Woody Allen

Just a couple of generations ago, discussing masturbation in a positive light was taboo. Those who openly took part were stigmatized. Some parents scared their adolescent children by telling them, “You’ll go blind.” One smart aleck response perhaps never uttered was, “What if I […]

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Want Great Sex? Then “Listen” Up!

An important piece of advice relationship experts often repeat is being fully present and engaged with your partner. One of the biggest obstacles to intimacy is not giving our partner the proper attention and respect. It gets to a point where, we feel so comfortable in our relationship that we begin taking each other for […]

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“No” May Not Mean “Never”: Exploring Sexual Boundaries

In all things, human beings engage in patterns and routines. That goes for our days, weeks and years as well as how we do things such as exercise, eating, our bedtime and morning routine, managing our work schedule and so much more. Even our sex lives can fall into a routine if we aren’t […]

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