Sex: What’s Self-Esteem Got To Do With It?

Are you confident? Do you feel your own self-worth? When you look in the mirror, do you respect your body or tear yourself down? Sure, we all have certain things we wish we could change about ourselves. But overall, we should be satisfied and even happy with the person staring back at us. We […]

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Porn: Healthy or Harmful?

There is an enormous divide about how porn is regarded in our society. Some say it is perfectly healthy and natural. It can be a learning experience, helping you to learn your own likes and dislikes, and that of your partner. Some couples use it to facilitate intercourse in an exciting way. It can […]

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The Health Benefits of Kissing by Sandra LaMorgese PhD

There’s nothing more sensual than a deep, passionate kiss, one that unhinges your knees and takes your breath away. It’s more intimate than sex. A bad kiss however can have the opposite effect, leaving you with a queasy feeling in the pit of your stomach. We put a lot of stock in kissing. A […]

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Happiness and Sexual Intimacy: by Sandra LaMorgese PhD

Sometimes when we are in a relationship, especially a long-term relationship we get comfortable and fall into a routine. Nowhere is this more common than in our sex life. Instead of delving deeper into each other’s wants, needs, interests, turn-ons and offs and deep desires, we fall into a pattern and stick with it. […]

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Stress and Sex by Sandra LaMorgese PhD

We know that stress is dangerous for our health. Not short-term stress. There are some actual benefits to that kind. When a little pressure is applied, we get motivated. We step up our game, learn things, increase our ability, sharpen skills and we improve. Our performance gets better and soon we’re operating at a […]

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Swinging is Back, but is it Right for You? by Sandra LaMorgese PhD

We remember stories of the seventies, where couples went to parties and put their house keys in a punch bowl. The person’s keys you drew at the end of the night was the one you went home with. Few people know this but swinging as a fad in America actually began in the 1950’s […]

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