The Top 10 Reasons You Should Spank Your Partner

First, realize that if you have never spanked your partner, this takes a little getting into. You should always start out slow. Communicate how it will go, likes and dislikes and how far you are both willing to go. Are you role playing or is this a simple bad girl/bad boy scenario? You both […]

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Porn: Healthy or Harmful?

There is an enormous divide about how porn is regarded in our society. Some say it is perfectly healthy and natural. It can be a learning experience, helping you to learn your own likes and dislikes, and that of your partner. Some couples use it to facilitate intercourse in an exciting way. It can […]

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What is Subspace and What are the Health Benefits?

Science fiction fans keen on Star Trek will know a different version of subspace than what we are talking about here.  But just as in that show, subspace refers to a different kind of space with its own rules, texture and properties, so too does subspace in the BDSM community mean a kind of altered reality. […]

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The Benefits of Edge Play by Sandra LaMorgese PhD

There are a lot of thrill seekers out there. Those who like to push boundaries and see how far they can go. Others get bored of having the same old sex. They are looking for something new, taboo and exciting. Edge play might be a fun thing to bring into the boudoir when that […]

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13 Absolute “No-No’s” when Meeting a ProDomme for the First Time!!!

You’ve thought about it for a long time, you’ve searched and now you’ve found the Domme that will “pop your cherry” and introduce you to that oh so craved world of BDSM. Well good for you! In this article we’re going to list and explain some of the biggest mistakes first timers make when […]

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80: Switch! From Under-Appreciated and Over-Worked to Dominatrix w/ Sandra LaMorgese

Why not try something off the wall, bizarre, completely different from anything else you’ve ever experienced? SWITCH!

Sandra LaMorgese (Mistress Vivian)  isn’t a traditional success story.  For her, dreams and aspirations came to fruition only after making a complete lifestyle switch that would unleash powers in life she never thought possible.  With the background as […]

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