The #1 Characteristic Both Partners Find Irresistible About Sex

Why is it that we can be so productive, proactive, and confident in so many areas of our lives (families, careers, charity, and so on), but when it comes to expressing ourselves sexually, we clam up?
Sexual desires and needs (as in any other areas of our lives) are normal and healthy. Furthermore, I am […]

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You Asked, and I listened: ‘Switch’ ebook Pre-Launch 50% Off Sale

Why should people buy Switch?

Switch is a book unlike any other, it has something for everyone. Will it push you out of your comfort zone? Most certainly. Are parts of it shocking and risqué? Of course! But will it also take you on an eloquent and meaningful journey of self-discovery, honesty, and love? Absolutely.

In […]

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Why I Powder and Diaper Powerful, Successful, Middle-Aged Men

My sweet six-month-old baby is lying on his dressing table looking up at Mommy with a big smile on his face. He is the happiest at changing and feeding time. He seems pleased when the cool baby powder covers his bottom, and I gently press down the sticky tape tabs that secure his diaper, […]

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How Becoming a Dominatrix Saved My Life at 55 Years Old

It’s true. I never thought I’d be working in the most famous bondage, discipline, sadism, and masochism (BDSM) dungeon in New York City. Not to mention that I’d start at the ripe age of 55. If you had told me ten years ago that I would kick a man straight in the balls wearing […]

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How Going to a Nude Beach at 59 Years Old Empowered Me

“I’m 59 years old—I am not going to a nude beach.”Two of my close friends had been asking me to come with them to their favorite nude beach for months, and each time they asked, I gave them this same answer.

I had never been to a nude beach before, and I was happy to […]

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For Sexy Fun, Try Role-Playing

Having role-playing sexual fantasies is a normal, healthy curiosity. Even better, when we share and play out our desires with our partner, we become closer and more intimate through trust, which leads to a more loving relationship. Role-playing is a fun and sexy way to spice up regular intimacy!

With that being said, most ask […]

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