How Going to a Nude Beach at 59 Years Old Empowered Me

“I’m 59 years old—I am not going to a nude beach.”Two of my close friends had been asking me to come with them to their favorite nude beach for months, and each time they asked, I gave them this same answer.

I had never been to a nude beach before, and I was happy to […]

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For Sexy Fun, Try Role-Playing

Having role-playing sexual fantasies is a normal, healthy curiosity. Even better, when we share and play out our desires with our partner, we become closer and more intimate through trust, which leads to a more loving relationship. Role-playing is a fun and sexy way to spice up regular intimacy!

With that being said, most ask […]

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Sex Education: A Curious Loving Lifelong Process

When the topic of sex education comes up, most people imagine a high school health class where their gym teacher outlined the basics. Perhaps some type of film was shown.  But these classes hardly skim the surface of the depth and breadth of what we call human sexuality. To each individual, it is a […]

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Sandra LaMorgese PhD Missed The Memo: Older Women Are Supposed To Feel Invisible? I Must Have Missed The Memo.

Sandra LaMorgese PhD, 58, also missed the memo
Madelyn, 60, apparently misplaced the memo
Erica Jagger, 51, shredded the fucking memo


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