Impact Play: Where, When and Why to Strike

Do you secretly get turned on by the idea of being spanked? Ever consider turning things up a notch with your partner? Some people get weak in the knees at the thought of their underwear being taken down and a firm hand applied to their buttocks. Others love the look and feel of a […]

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Sex Education: A Curious Loving Lifelong Process

When the topic of sex education comes up, most people imagine a high school health class where their gym teacher outlined the basics. Perhaps some type of film was shown.  But these classes hardly skim the surface of the depth and breadth of what we call human sexuality. To each individual, it is a […]

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Sandra LaMorgese PhD Missed The Memo: Older Women Are Supposed To Feel Invisible? I Must Have Missed The Memo.

Sandra LaMorgese PhD, 58, also missed the memo
Madelyn, 60, apparently misplaced the memo
Erica Jagger, 51, shredded the fucking memo


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The Red Room with The Mistress: Sandra LaMorgese’s First BDSM Session!

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Turning your Bedroom into the “Red Room” by Sandra LaMorgese PhD

Technology has caused sweeping changes to American’s sex lives. “The Pill” launched the Sexual Revolution, though some experts are now claiming that it actually started before, in the 50’s with penicillin. The computer has allowed for 24-hour porn binges and for some men, erectile dysfunction associated with overstimulation. There are now educational videos, advice […]

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