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Sandra LaMorgese, Switch: Time for a Change, Amazon, Barnes & Noble,

Sandra is an author, speaker, and expert in communications, life transformation, authentic living, holistic health, beauty, intimacy, and embracing aging. 

Sandra is also an internationally featured HuffPost blogger, a regular writer for Arianna Huffington’s new health and wellness platform Thrive Global, and among the TOP 10% sought after writers on MediumShe was listed as having the “Coolest Job in NYC” by Thrillist NYC, and her interview and photo shoot with HuffPost 15 Unbelievable Photos Of A 60-Year-Old Dominatrix With Her Client article made the ‘MOST SHARED’, WHAT’S HOT and ‘TRENDING’ lists on The HuffPost in the United States and Australia. Sandra was also a featured guest on the Dr. Oz Show “Women Who Defy Aging.”

Her recent book Switch: Time for a Change, is a memoir about how her later profession as a dominatrix ultimately allowed her to change her previously blind adherence to “the rules,” and to enter into a whole different kind of contract with a truer version of herself. Sandra was able to change her thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in order to embrace a passionate and fulfilled life. 

LaMorgese holds degrees in communications, holistic nutrition, and metaphysical science, and she is practitioner certified in hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, colon hydrotherapy, muscle testing, acupuncture, ozone therapy, and licensed in cosmetology and esthetics, and is the former Director of Education at Cures, a wellness body and skin care line.  

Sandra is also a professionally trained actor and model who studied method, film, and television at the prestigious Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute, commercial acting at the School for Film & Television, and media presentation training at On Camera . . . and Off, Inc. with Larry Conroy, all in New York City.


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