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Sandra LaMorgese was a holistic practitioner who lost her business to the Great Recession. Rather than dwell on the negative, she took the opportunity to create the life of her dreams. ~FORTUNE Magazine



Want to Hear Sandra Speak, or Book a Workshop ?

With more than seventeen years of experience as a motivational speaker, educator, and seminar leader, I understand that content and facts alone cannot inspire positive and lasting change—when I speak, I deliver an experience that touches the listeners’ emotions, where real change happens. I am passionate about how the audience feels just as much as I am passionate about the content I have spent my whole career studying.

All keynote speeches, presentations, seminars, and training workshops are custom-designed through consultations and communication before, during, and after the event to ensure satisfaction for all parties. I welcome local gigs as well as extended travel events.

You can always expect the WOW factor at my speaking events. This includes professional and prompt responses to your email and telephone correspondence, expert preparation, promotion of your event on my website blog, social media sites, and followup feedback communication after the event.

Regular Speaking Topics Include for 1 or 2 Day Workshops, 1 or 2 Hour Keynote

  • What is Intermittent Fasting: Lose the Fat, Revitalize Your Health and Eat What You Want!
  • How To Let Go Of Ageism Thats Holding You Back From Living Your Life To The Fullest
  • How To Build A Productive Working Team
  • Reinventing Yourself Personally And Professionally 
  • Solutions For Letting Go Of Fear To Create An Epic Life
  • Listening Skills: For Better Sales, Listen Up! 
  • Essential Keys For Being A Successful Blogger 
  • The Art Of Persuasion
  • How To Market Your Brand Through Storytelling  
  • How To Be A Better Communicator Through Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication 


“I worked with Sandra while she was Director of Education and Seminar Leader at Cures By Avance. I found her to be very enthusiastic and highly motivational. She brought a vast knowledge and love for the industry to the program. She really does love helping others achieve their greatest potential.” ~Denise Meile

 “Sandra LaMorgese PhD is your go-to-girl for a an amazing motivational speech. She has come a long way in her personal life, and is truly an inspiration to us all. Out of the kindness of her heart, she came to my school and showed us what living is really like. With my greatest sincerity and behalf of my school thank you for everything!” ~Orange College Communication Department

“Sandra LaMorgese’s life trajectory, and her experience of her boudoir shoot, is the embodiment of this blog’s mission. She’s glorious proof that mature women are vital, sensual, sexual beings capable of transforming their lives at a stage when the traditionalist culture tells us we’re “over.” Sandra’s story echoes Eleanor Roosevelt’s clarion call to every woman who doubts herself: “you must do the thing you think you cannot do.” ~Erica Jagger, A Sexy Woman At A Certain Age

“Sandra, you are by far, one of the most interesting speaker, author and seminar leader I have ever spoken with, and I have spoken with celebrities, senators, models, and designers.  Generally, I always walk away having learned a little something from everyone I interview, but with you, I walked away with a renewed sense of empowerment.You are living most women’s dreams…to not feel like it is “too late” to pursue an incredible goal.” ~Cher Tushiah, Editor POSE Magazine