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Sandra is a twice published author, speaker, 60+ mature model & actor, international blogger, and expert in communications, life transformation, holistic health, fitness, weight loss, ageless beauty, and intimacy.
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How to Have the Best Sex of Your Life

Try these strategies for having great sex after 50. ~Sandra LaMorgese PhD

The years after you turn 50 are a time of great change, but some of the greatest changes — ones that people don’t talk about enough — relate to sex. As our bodies and minds mature and change, our relationship to sex changes, as well. […]

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What 60-Somethings Can Teach 20-Somethings About Sex

We’re listening.

With age comes wisdom, and that’s especially true when it comes to knowledge in the bedroom. 

People might assume they’ve hit their sexual peak by the time they’re in their 20s, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, according to a report from this year, single women reported having the best sex of […]

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First for Women Magazine

Sandra LaMorgese felt her stress melting away as she enjoyed a relaxing lunch with her friend…until the conversation turned to growing older. “Sure, you’re doing okay for 60,” her friend quipped, “but in 10 years you’ll be 70, and then what?”

“At first, I was offended,” recalls Sandra. But the comment forced her to face […]

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Turning 60? Use These Tips from Retirement Experts (Expert Roundup)

Turning 60 is a major milestone that is worth celebrating and can be considered as a triumph for reaching this far. As you approach turning 60 years old, you think about a lot of things like losing a job, the best insurance to buy, having poor health and uncertaintiesof what lies after retirement.

To help you reach your dreams and […]

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The Modern Love Triangle: You, Me, and Technology

Proceed with eyes wide open to the way cell phones fit into your romantic relationships.
Modern men and women use cell phones for practically everything today, and romantic relationships are no exception. For many of us, our phones have become the primary method of meeting and communicating with significant others, and the apps we use […]

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Inspiring Senior Series by Medicare Allies: Sandra LaMorgese

Becoming a Model at 61 | Inspiring Seniors, Part 2
In today’s installment of the Inspiring Seniors Series, we’re uncovering the stories behind a very strong women – Sandra LaMorgese.

At the age of 61, Sandra started a completely new career as a lifes

tyle model and actress in New York City – after losing 50 pounds.

And […]

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