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3 Visionary Women – 1 Empowering Event[/title]
Monika Werner
Monika WernerNude Yoga Teacher/Author
Bold & Naked Yoga is extremely important to me. To be brave enough to show up, be transparent and feel empowered by our own body – no matter what shape or size – is the magic moment. Especially for women learning to love and appreciate our bodies as the amazing vehicle that carries us through life is the message I want to communicate. Today, I continue to live by my mission to empower students. I live for the connection to my students built on a blend of rich life experiences, self-study and awareness.

Sandra LaMorgese
Sandra LaMorgeseAuthor/Podcast Host
Sandra LaMorgese PhD, is an expert in bridging the gap between sexuality and a lifestyle that focuses on holistic health and balance of the mind, body and spirit. She is also the author of Switch: Time for a Change, a memoir about how her later profession as a dominatrix ultimately allowed her to change her previously blind adherence to “the rules,” and to enter into a whole different kind of contract with a truer version of herself. Sandra was able to change her thoughts, feelings, and beliefs in order to embrace a passionate and fulfilled life, and has been a successful entrepreneur over 25 years.

Joey Kim
Joey KimArtist/ Performer
My sexuality represents a core aspect, perhaps the core aspect, of my identity. The digital space is the realm in which I can express my sexuality most freely. Coming from a conservative background, my home was quite different in terms of freedom, creative expression of sexuality; I learned that female sexual expression was something that should be caged and hidden. I was raised to believe that human sexuality, and particularly that of women, was something to be barricaded in the private sphere; and yet, I had a persisting sense as a girl that I was being taught wrong, that my sexuality was something that was natural and if I chose, highlighted within public space. I began my career as a nude self portraiture artist while studying photography in a fine art university, and my experiences have since served to forge meaningful connections between personal conceptualizations of sexuality, and performance art, my role as an artist, and the relationship between sexual autonomy and art.

New York, NY – On September 14, 2016, Sandra LaMorgese PhD will team up with nude yoga teacher Monika Werner (co-founder of Bold & Naked Yoga) and erotic performance artist Joey Kim for the world’s first-ever all-nude FREE book signing event.

Sandra is an expert in bridging the gap between sexuality and a lifestyle that focuses on holistic health and balance of the mind, body and spirit and living a life of authenticity. The event will feature her new memoir, Switch: Time for a Change, which tells the incredible story of how she transformed her life and career by becoming a professional dominatrix at age 55 after losing everything. This transformation allowed her to achieve a whole new level of happiness and fulfillment, and to explore how sexual openness, courage, and confidence are healthy for creating a positive identity.

With a starter about the positive impact of naked yoga and body image from Monika Werner and performances by Joey Kim, these three women will be throwing a party to celebrate sexual authenticity, personal passion, and true happiness.

Sandra’s work was recently banned from a prominent health expo in Boston because of the potentially offensive book cover, but Sandra is out to prove to the world that there is nothing offensive about living your best life possible through self-expression, personal passion, and sexual authenticity.

“After spending weeks setting up my book launch and speaking engagement at a Massachusetts Mind Body and Spiritual Health Expo, it was extremely disappointing to have it all tossed to the side because of fear and misunderstanding of sexual expression,” said LaMorgese. “I decided to take something negative and turn it into something incredibly positive by collaborating with these two visionary minds for a never-before-seen, all-nude book signing event.”

“I encourage everyone to join us this September as we make history,” said LaMorgese.

Guests will receive free wine, sparking water, light refreshments, and goodie bags, and will have the opportunity to purchase their own copy of Switch: Time for a Change, signed by the author.

Nudity is optional for the press, but will be mandatory for all guests. Photography with permission is limited to professional photographers ONLY, no cell phone photographers or video taping from guests.

Spread the word, and come celebrate freedom and expression with us this fall!

The event will be held at Bold and Naked Yoga at 163 W 23rd St, New York, NY from 7 to 9PM.