Sexuality and Vulnerability: Lesson Learned As a Dominatrix

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Ep. 136: Holistic Sexuality & BDSM with dominatrix Sandra LaMorgese


ReleasedNov 16, 2016: Sandra LaMorgese proves you’re never too old to teach an old dog new kinks. Seeing her holistic health clinic close down, Sandra become a professional dominatrix at the age of 55 to keep the lights on! Now at 60, she feels more confident and sexy than ever!

This week’s Manwhore Podcast goes to show that age is just a number. Unless you’re 13, then it’s a felony. PLUS:, social media, BDSM, health, menopause, hypnosis, and Trump!




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Sandra’s Interview w/Paperback Radio

Sandra discuss her new book Switch: Time for a Change, and her All Nude Book Launch Party In NYC

First Ever ALL NUDE Book Launch Party In NYC Sept 14, 2016

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Sandra explains ‘how’ human nature and sexual desire are connected.

Sandra gives a demonstration of Fire Play. Do not try this without hands on training.

Sandra give 3 conversational skills that will help you and your partner discuss fantasies and desires.

Sandra demonstrates ‘subspace’ through ‘Breathplay.’

Sandra interviews Monika Werner from Bold and Naked Yoga about having the balls to live authentically.

Sandra gives a little demo of ‘Impact Play.”

Be sure to listen carefully and invest your energy in your partner’s desires, and in a mutually loving relationship, your happiness, your level of trust, and your sex life will be better than ever. Wait for the Oops moments 🙂

What’s that floating in the water behind me? My ROBE!! When David Williams and I shot this video, we had no idea we captured my robe floating away in the background. That’s why I had the towel wrapping around me, I couldn’t find my robe. LOL

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