Project Description

Sandra is the author of “Switch:Time For A Change”, a memoir of how her later profession as a dominatrix ultimately allowed her to change her previously blind adherence to “the rules,” and to enter into a whole different kind of contract with a truer version of herself. Sandra was able to change her thoughts, feelings and beliefs in order to embrace a passionate and fulfilled life.

A year prior to her life “switch,” she was a lot like you – an average, overworked, underpaid, less-than-balanced woman managing a small business and seeking happiness wherever she could find it. The problem was, she couldn’t find it, not even close. Sandra was working 12-14 hour days, seven days a week, having weekly appointments with an acupuncturist and massage therapist to reduce her stress headaches and agonizing neck and back pain, she rarely socialized, was in debt, never traveled, and her love life was nonexistent. Then one day she was introduced to the idea of “sexual energy transmutation and the Law of Attraction.” That’s when everything changed.

This is the story of how, for the first time in her life, she made decisions and choices from a place of love, not fear. How Sandra came to live in peace by believing the Truth of “When I ask, I will receive.”

These days, Sandra is a successful keynote speaker, seminar leader, author, and radio host. She lives in a perfectly healthy body, is peaceful emotionally and spiritually through practicing of yoga, meditating, praying, jogging, spending quality time with friends and resting. She wears a $7,000 diamond – the stone of prosperity – around her neck as a show of gratitude and reminder of unlimited prosperity. Sandra nourishes her body with organic foods instead of junk food, alcohol, and cigarettes. She works a 10-hours a week and dedicates the rest of her time to pursuing her purposeful life, nature – hiking, rock scrambling, and looking out over the magnificent ocean. Best of all, Sandra is happy living in the now.

In her compelling and compassionate book, Sandra shares her journey through the dark side to get to the light.