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“The scariest thing I ever did led me into the most empowering experience and acting roles of my life”—Sandra LaMorgese

In Switch: Time for a Change, Sandra shares her incredible journey of transformation from an overworked, unfulfilled, and disillusioned rule-follower to an empowered and deeply happy rebel. Her story is a tale of relentless hope and unfailing courage, but most of all, it is a story of one woman who was brave enough to chase after her dreams alone. She was determined to break down whatever social taboos stood in her way—all without any guarantees of success. Today, though, her success is clear.

~FOREWORD by KELLY HOLLAND, CEO and Owner of Penthouse Global Media and Publisher of Penthouse Magazine 

“I’ve read all of Sandra LaMorgese’s blogs and they — like this book — will inspire women of all ages. I especially dare any woman over the age of 40 to read this book and not feel emboldened and eager to try a new challenge — asap!

Sandra is living proof that you can do anything you want, at any age, and that you can follow your passion no matter what it is. Sandra’s journey through life will challenge all your assumptions about middle-aged or ‘older’ women. Her sexual evolution will make you want to embark on your OWN sexual evolution. This is definitely a must-read, inspiring, entertaining and honest look at womanhood, aging and sexuality.” — Shelley Emling, Senior Editor, Huff/Post50

Dr. LaMorgese’s  story kept my attention as I read through it with sheer investment. Her words kept me enthralled as her trials, tribulations, successes and failures painted a vivid picture of her lifestyle.

As a reviewer, “Switch” is indeed a page turner that has great potential to keep the most curious of minds fascinated and intrigued. The structure of Dr. LaMorgese’s story from beginning to the end had me looking forward to a sequel, should it come. I would like to be able to say five years from now how Dr. LaMorgese’s life story has progressed. ~The Review Board

 “I feel like this book was really empowering for me….I also loved the message of being authentic and striving for your own happiness in life. I love it.

I enjoyed it and thus am giving it a four star rating and recommending it! I have recently been reading this authors blog as well and I find it to be enlightening and helpful. I am grateful for having received the chance to read this book! It was a pretty fast read for me. It is not yet released but be on the lookout as it is coming soon! ~Ms Nose In A Book 

“Quite possibly one of the most revolutionary memoirs you’ll ever read.”

“Sandra LaMorgese’s Switch: Time for a Change is different. Aside from the fact that I really like Sandra, her story about how she how she changed her life post-divorce in her early to mid-50’s, especially when it came to dating, sex and sexuality, is personal, powerful and honest, and not just the parts in which she decided to become a Dominatrix at 55.

Aside from getting an inside look into her training and sessions at a Manhattan BSDM dungeon, Sandra’s midlife sexual evolution is more than just about spanking, knife play and humiliating grown-ass masters of the universe. It was her way out of getting pummeled by a financial-crushing business blow. It was also part of discovering her sexual side and how it built her confidence in all aspects of her life, including dating.

It’s a very thoughtful, mindful, intelligent and very open-minded memoir. I have no doubt that you’ll find Sandra the kind of person you’d want to be with or be like.”

~Bobbie Morgan, A Good Woman’s Dirty Mind

“Based on today’s literary climate (Shades of Gray) this is very marketable material.  

It is Gray from a woman’s perspective. This would appeal to both a male and female audience. Well written. Presented properly as a publisher’s pitch!

I may have to get a date tonight. LOL” Katherine Phelps, Publisher, Viva Internationale Women’s Magazine

I just finished ‘Switch’ and absolutely LOOOVED it!

Sandra speaks the truth from the heart and we can all take a lesson away from it. You don’t have to become a Dominatrix to apply her wisdom to your life. It’s about finding your passion and follow it wholeheartedly, not caring about other people’s opinion, defining boundaries, not taking any BS, being authentic and true to yourself, not judging and finding out what makes you happy. I can relate to everything you say! Thank you for sharing your journey towards happiness and being brave enough to follow through! The world needs more people like you, you are a true inspiration and I am so happy we met! ~ Monika Werner, Director, Teacher, Yogini at Bold and Naked Yoga

“Man you gave guts!!” ~Carolynn Mincin, THE MOST UNBALANCED WOMAN IN COMEDY

“Switch” is an erotic journey of self discovery and personal empowerment.  

While reading this book, I found myself looking forward to each page and chapter as I learned more and more about myself as a person, through the experiences of Sandra/Vivian. In the end,”Switch” proved to be about the journey each of us is able to take in order to realize our most authentic self.  Brilliant, erotic, insightful are just a few words I’d use to describe “Switch.” ~Maryam Moshiri O’Connor, Clinical Director at Utopia Healing Center

It was so refreshing to read about your journey of self discovery. Reminding us to focus on love, not fear is such an amazing life lesson.

I could relate on so many levels; your story has inspired me to continue to explore my sexuality and emotional self awareness. I love the connection you make between yoga, meditation, tantric and our sensuality. I was married for over 30 years and found myself suddenly single in my mid 50’s. My life had been dedicated to taking care of others, finally it was my “time for a change” I received a message from a guy on a dating site that simply read “I am Dom” Something stirred deep inside and despite my fears, I knew it was something I had to pursue. Recently I met a kinky gentleman who has asked if I could dominate him. My past fears and inhibitions would have held me back but after reading about your transition, my response was ‘hell yeah’. From your book I learned that it’s essential that I embrace my naughtiness not push it away. You are truly inspirational; thank you on behalf of all powerful and playful women. ~Cheers, Debbie

The Universe just dropped ‘Switch’ right in my lap!!

Thank you for writing your book. I am 43 and hubby left me for another woman and left me with a $2,000 mortgage. With no idea how I was going to pay it… I found ur book and now with only getting one client a day (I’m now a Domme) I can pay my mortgage and do what I want to do. Now I have time to finish the book I was writing, hang out with my friends and be happy again!! Thanks again!!!!!! ~Tanya O

I loved ‘Switch’ –

I bought it as I first came across Sandra on FB and found her posts interesting and funny – thought I’d give ‘Switch’ a try and was pleasantly surprised and very entertained – it was a down to earth honest account of Sandra ‘ s introduction into the world of S & M – not just that, as the reader it certainly knocked my judgements about S & M out the window – it really is a must read – it gives the right amount of detail without going on and on – saying that, it certainly left me wanting more – will wait with anticipation for Sandra ‘ s next chapter ~Tina O

“This was a truly wonderful read that should inspire everyone, not just women,

to not let anything stand in their way of becoming who they truly are! Speaking as someone who has had the pleasure of spending time with Sandra and “Mistress,” I can concur that this book is a perfect representation of the woman who authored it.” Jay K

After reading Switch a couple months ago, I came to realize that if I want change my circumstances, whether financial or life changing, it is up to me to make it happen.

Like many of her readers, Ms. LaMorgese was just coming out of a divorce and was stuck in the boring circle of everyday existence. She showed me that through meditation and yoga I could build my self confidence. She also helped me to not be ashamed of my desires and fantasies and how acting on them can actually empower me. It has been liberating to talk about my fantasies (with my husband) which I have always kept private in the past. It is a turn on to him and things just get better all the time. I would recommend this book to my friends. ~Jo Anna S

Sandra is the perfect guide to a place you always wanted to know about, but were too scared to visit.

Her well-written narrative is part travel-guide to the world of BDSM and part honest life confessional of a tough, fiercely intelligent woman.

The descriptions of the inner working of BDSM subculture and professional dominatrixes are utterly compelling and clearly by an insider. This is not a book written by a reporter on the sidelines and that comes across on every page. Sandra’s ability to convey her transformation and ultimate triumph makes Switch a book that has a wide appeal beyond the BDSM community. ~ Matt W

“Switch” is an amazing book, I couldn’t stop reading it!

Sandra is a very courageous, strong and talented woman.  I know for sure that a lot of people’s lives will change after reading this book. They don’t have to be the same or do what she did, but they will find their way to a better, happier life. I’m one of them, for sure. After reading “Switch” I feel I can change my life and try to do something different. I was always optimistic, positive, hopeful and smiling in the hardest times, but I never tried to take a different direction or look for something better. It will be different for me now, so thank you Sandra so much for letting me live your experience through your book. It was amazing! I lived and felt your entire journey, I’m grateful to you, you’re an incredible woman.” ~Allen B

Just tell me what can’t you do?? I’m hooked!

I’m about 25 pages in and dam girl I’m blown away. WOW!! Doesn’t surprise me though. .can’t wait to finish!!!! ~ Ra Hanna

 “Just finished “Switch” and I’m blown away!

Seriously – almost giddy with resonance to pretty much everything you wrote! Like my biggest singing bowl on steroids! I identify so strongly with, well, ALL of it! The way you write is magical and I saw through your eyes as you took this journey! Really. I cannot quite find the words except I felt like I was the one having the epiphany!? Do you understand? Wow. Incredible! I shall find it hard to shut down tonight and most likely will reread it as I almost couldn’t believe my eyes the first time! The Tantra, the background, the chakras – I have come a long way in the last two years since I had my own “Big Bang” and to see what you went on to do with yours is nothing short of amazing.  Really – amazing words and my vibrational energy is absolutely peaking as a result of you sharing your personal trip! Say it loud, say it proud – this is part of you and what a journey it’s been for you! Again – Wow! Thank You ~J xxx 

“An amazing book.

This book follows one person’s journey of self-growth on a road thru incredibly confrontational and taboo places. A road we are all curious about and would profit from understanding. A read for the daring.” ~The Daring One 

“I loved it! I thought it was actually really really funny and light.

And it was really sex positive, which is so great. It’s so needed, you know? There’s never a book that’s about practically applying the tenets of new age spirituality to your life and your day to day and your behavior. Certainly nothing that includes sexuality. Well, nothing that doesn’t come off as creepy. I thought it was really original.” ~ Erin T

“I finished the book on a flight to the west coast last week. OMG what an emotional ride for me.

It was great! I got hooked into Sandra’s story but also saw my own path thru life in an interesting and different way. I just have too much to say about it.” ~Pete P

“Switch is a refreshing, honest view into the BDSM industry.

Ms. LaMorgese shows a different perspective that sheds more light into the why of BDSM, while keeping it a fun, sexy read. Good for both first timers and those in the know.” ~Jenn E 



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Sandra LaMorgese’s life trajectory, and her experience of her boudoir shoot, is the embodiment of this blog’s mission. She’s glorious proof that mature women are vital, sensual, sexual beings capable of transforming their lives at a stage when the traditionalist culture tells us we’re “over.” Sandra’s story echoes Eleanor Roosevelt’s clarion call to every woman who doubts herself: “you must do the thing you think you cannot do.


“Sandra, you are by far, one of the most interesting people I have ever spoken with, and I have spoken with celebrities, senators, models, and designers.  Generally, I always walk away having learned a little something from everyone I interview, but with you, I walked away with a renewed sense of empowerment.You are living most women’s dreams…to not feel like it is “too late” to pursue an incredible goal.”
Cher Tushian, POSE Magazine
Sandra has inspired me to gain the emotional courage that I needed to engage myself in a new healthy lifestyle by cleansing my body of toxins and freeing myself from an addiction to sugar, fats and unhealthy processed foods with the 21 Day Detoxification and Weight Loss Program. I now crave and enjoy live, nutritious, healthy foods. I have lost a ton of weight, toned my body and have regained the energy level of my youth.