First, realize that if you have never spanked your partner, this takes a little getting into. You should always start out slow. Communicate how it will go, likes and dislikes and how far you are both willing to go. Are you role playing or is this a simple bad girl/bad boy scenario? You both should agree before beginning. Of course, a spanking that seems to be out of control is actually a well-devised, consensual enterprise. If you know the how but want to know the why, here are the top 10 reasons you should spank your partner:

10.For those who are interested in BDSM, spanking is a good entry way into the lifestyle.

9. Lots of people secretly long to be spanked, of both sexes. Doing so can unlock desires and deepen your bond.

8. Interest in Fifty Shades still carries on. Even those who have hardly wandered beyond “vanilla” sex are interested in trying some kink.

7. A good spanking session releases dopamine, serotonin, vasopressin and other bio-chemicals that increase feelings of wholeness and wellbeing.

6. When we do spank, we learn about a different side of ourselves. Usually, we have to suppress this side. But a good spanking session can help us find our confident, cool, dominant side.

5. When we satisfy a little naughty fantasy of our partner’s, they are grateful and usually want to do something for us.

4. Nothing makes a better story over coffee with close friends than a good spanking story.

3. Spanking and other BDSM activities force couples to communicate better and be more creative.

2. You can only learn so much about your partner through conversation. Novel experiences tell who that person really is underneath, and few things are more novel than having them over your knee and wholloping their bottom.

1. A good spanking can give you a sense of your partner’s willingness to relinquish power. It shows a great level of trust.