How to write a good essay

In student’s years, those who studied several years ago only started to use the Internet for information search necessary for writing an essay, solving a test paper or simply reading the necessary literature. Today it is difficult to find a student who would not use the best essay writing service  in the opinion of the majority -– the Internet to facilitate the educational process. Such materials also will be published in the given section. The first post, you guessed it from the title, will be about an essay.

An essay could write to each of us. All students are faced with such a task at the institute, and schoolchildren are given similar tasks at school. As practice shows, not everyone, firstly, represents what an essay is, confusing it with ordinary writing. Secondly, they do not even know what its structure (which is extremely important). This is explained further in order to help many to avoid elementary mistakes.

Definition of an essay

An essay is a very short composition. Usually, it’s from half of the page up to one and a half. It is as not a developed composition with a small introduction, conclusion, but all in a sentence. If there is no inspiration, an essay is easier to write under the plan: each item of the plan – a sentence. To write an essay well, try to start conducting a personal diary. In it you will write the same essays, only on the subject matter.

The forms of the essay can be very different depending on what the focus of the studied subject or problem. So, it may be the analysis of statistical data, evaluation of materials from the media, a detailed analysis of the problem, clarification of the opinions of specialists, selection and careful analysis of those examples that illustrate the problem.

What is the structure?

The essay, as in the form of presentation, should contain the following sections of the introduction the essence and explanation of the choice of the presented topics. At this stage, it is imperative to formulate:

  • a question that needs to be answered in the study;
  • the main part involves the development of evidence and analysis, as well as their explanation;
  • the conclusion summarizes the essay or repeats explanations, reinforces the sense and value of everything described in the main part.

5 main rules of the present essay

The first rule is a small volume. The more words, the further the authors of the essay can escape from its essence. Therefore, despite all the desire to consider any problem from all sides, you should adhere to the minimum volume – one to three sheets.

The specific subject and subjective interpretation are also very important because the topic of the essay is concrete. That is, it cannot include many topics or thoughts. This genre displays only one version, one idea and develops it. Thus, an essay is the answer to a specific question.

One more important describing feature of a genre – freedom in the composite plan. As many teachers note, the essay is constructed in a peculiar way – it does not tolerate certain frames or formalities. Moreover, it should be built contrary to logical laws. Moreover, it should be built contrary to logical laws. The essay should be subordinate to the associations and guided by the simple principle that the opposite is true.

Unforced narration – this is explained by the fact that its originator needs to establish a style of communication with the reader that will inspire confidence. Many have noticed in practice that the ideal essay can be made only by one who is fluent in the topic, the evidence base.

The tendency to paradoxes is perceived as the next rule in this essay. After all, it is necessary to surprise the reader. The starting point for reflection very often becomes a colourful statement or apt definition, built on paradoxes. It should confront those statements, characteristics, theses that seem indisputable, but at the same time, are mutually exclusive.