What is the best quality a4 paper?

#1 – JK Copier A4 Size Paper. #2 – OFIXO Colour A4 Sheets Assorted. #3 – DHAYAN Printing Blank White A4 Paper. #4 – Bambalio BPG 180-50 Glossy Photo Paper A4 Size. #5 – BILT Copy Power A4 Size Paper. #6 – AmazonBasics 75GSM Eco-Friendly A4 Papers.#7 – Classmate Eco-Friendly A4 Size Paper.

What printer paper is best?

The Best Printer PaperHammermill Copy Paper. See More Reviews. Hammermill Copy Plus Paper. HP Printer Paper MultiPurpose. Office Depot White Copy Paper. Boise Paper X-9 Multi-Use Copy Paper. HP Printer Paper Office. Printworks 100 Percent Recycled Multipurpose Paper. AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy Printer Paper.

What weight is good quality paper?

In general, fine business papers, printer papers and personal stationery range in weight from 20 lb. to 32 lb. The most common paper weight today is 20 lb. One rule of thumb to follow is: The heavier the basic weight, the thicker the sheet. The thicker the sheet, the more impressive it feels.