You Decide It’s Time For A Change, Then We’ll Do It Together!

“Sandra LaMorgese was a holistic practitioner who lost her business to the Great Recession. Rather than dwell on the negative, she took the opportunity to create the life of her dreams.” ~FORTUNE Magazine


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What Client’s Are Saying

“Sandra, you are by far, one of the most interesting speaker and author I have ever spoken with, and I have spoken with celebrities, senators, models, and designers.  Generally, I always walk away having learned a little something from everyone I interview, but with you, I walked away with a renewed sense of empowerment.You are living most women’s dreams…to not feel like it is “too late” to pursue an incredible goal.”
Sandra LaMorgese’s life trajectory, and her experience of her boudoir shoot, is the embodiment of this blog’s mission. She’s glorious proof that mature women are vital, sensual, sexual beings capable of transforming their lives at a stage when the traditionalist culture tells us we’re “over.” Sandra’s story echoes Eleanor Roosevelt’s clarion call to every woman who doubts herself: “you must do the thing you think you cannot do.
Erica Jagger.
My energy level was at an all time low. I let the roller coaster of life dictate my overall health. With a busy schedule, I lived on foods that were fast and easy. I wasn’t motivated to go to the gym and didn’t make time for myself in regards to my health. I have tried everything to be “healthy;” however, thanks to Sandra, this is the first time where I feel healthy, which is reflected in my overall energy level and life. 
S.D., Life Change
Because of the weight loss my breathing improved, and I could rise out of a chair after sitting for awhile without pain in my knees (what a great feeling.) I can make it up the 13 stair steps for the garage without being out of breath with throbbing knees!!!!
G.R, Loss of Pain
My digestive system was a mess. I was bloated, stressed and had very little energy. I now feel great! I have more energy and have even lost weight. You would be surprised at how easy life change has been!!
Michelle, Stress and Poor Digestion