This Filthy Lord Helps Couples To Get Knotty

Rope play is one of the oldest types of bondage, and its appeal has proved timeless.

To practice bondage, you need some kind of physical restraint so that you can dominate or be dominated by your partner. Of course, there are many different types of restraints to choose from—you’re really limited only by your own […]

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Here’s Why Nipple Clamps Hurt So Good!

It’s difficult to say exactly where nipple clamps came from—writing openly about sexual pleasure and practices is a relatively new phenomenon—but they bear a striking resemblance to the clover-shaped clasps used for sewing in ancient Japan. The clamps were mounted to the tabletop, and they held the fabric in place so that the seamstresses […]

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Here’s How I Changed My Belief System To Become A Dominatrix

It was my time to be bold.

To make changes in your life or to find solutions to problems, you may first need to take a step back in order to see the bigger picture. Everyone has different strategies for making important decisions. Personally, I always try to get a good night’s sleep before making […]

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How To Use Horse Sense When You’re Networking

Work with human nature and not against it, and you’ll see positive results every time.
While out on a hike recently, I met a friendly couple who were out collecting pinecones. We started chatting, and soon they began telling me all about a horse rescue farm where they spend most of their free time volunteering. […]

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Why Porn Star Nina Hartley Claims Porn Is About Healing

There is an enormous divide in opinions about porn in our society. Some are completely against it. Some say it is perfectly healthy and natural — that it can be a learning experience, that it can be an exciting addition to sex, and that it can help to relieve stress when no available lovers […]

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Here Are The Real Reasons We Sexually Fantasize

Fantasizing gives us a safe, personal sexual space to explore our own desire.

As intimately connected as we are with a partner, we still have individual desires that belong to us personally. This doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with your relationship. However, excluding your partner from your fantasies or not explaining why you’d like […]

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