How do you use state of the art?

When to Use State of the Art State of the art is a noun phrase. It means the highest point of technological achievement to date. Here are a few examples, Electronics salespeople have an unhealthy obsession with the state of the art.

Is state of the art an idiom?

Representing or incorporating the latest advances. This expression, dating from the late 1800s, has nothing to do with the condition of the fine arts. Rather, it first applies art to technology, a usage still current.

What is another way to say best in class?

What is another word for facility?

Synonyms of facilitycomplex,establishment,installation.

What are facilities?

noun, plural fa·cil·i·ties. Often facilities. something designed, built, installed, etc., to serve a specific function affording a convenience or service: transportation facilities; educational facilities; a new research facility.

Is a facility a building?

“Premises” is a general word which means the building and the land the building is on. “Facility” is a general word which describes a certain kind of building which serves a particular purpose. There is a group of buildings on a piece of property which is owned by a manufacturing company.

What is another word for organization?

Synonyms of organizationassociation,board,brotherhood,chamber,club,college,congress,consortium,

What is the verb of satisfaction?

satisfy. (transitive) To do enough for; to meet the needs of; to fulfill the wishes or requirements of. (transitive) To cause (a sentence) to be true when the sentence is interpreted in one’s universe. (literary) To convince by ascertaining; to free from doubt.